The 2016 Mediterranean MPA Forum: a great success

Coming from 35 countries, over 300 key players involved in the marine environment met from 28 November to 1st December 2016 in Tangier, Morocco, to share their experiences, discuss and develop a joint work program to improve, by 2020, the protection of the Mediterranean Sea. The discussions culminated in the Tangier Declaration, the result of a broad participatory process, which aims to be an impetus for Mediterranean MPAs.

The participants released the Tangier Declaration after having reviewed the MPA progress achieved in the last 4 years, discussed the remaining challenges to 2020, considered recent global, regional and sub-regional marine policy developments regarding the ecosystem approach, sustainable development and climate change issues, and considered the recommendations from the different sessions of the Forum. 

The Roadmap will be updated with the most recent institutional framework and a new strategic objective related to the role of MPAs as a marine spatial management tool in supporting ecosystem-based adaptation and mitigation to climate change.  Key operational and action-oriented steps, will also be considered, to improve and help achieve the Roadmap objectives by 2020.

Example of steps to be considered for the Roadmap update
Efforts to effectively conserve at least 10% of the Mediterranean Sea by 2020, need to be boosted for coastal and marine areas and thereafter for the open seas.

The coverage and implementation of no-entry, no-take and no-fishing zones, within either existing or future MPAs, needs to be increased from the current coverage of 0.04% of the Mediterranean Sea to reach at least 2% of no-take zones, especially in key functional areas.
All MPA sites currently established should benefit from the necessary support for effective, equitable and efficient management by 2020.
Exchange of experience, best practices and knowledge among MPA managers, should be strengthened.
Win-win relationships of MPAs with decision-makers, donors and private sector need to be created in order to respond to pressures beyond MPA borders, while considering MPAs as a natural capital and a management instrument to reach sustainability targets.
The Trust Fund for Mediterranean MPAs, an innovative financial mechanism, is supported.
The crucial role of regional and inter-regional cooperation among human networks working on MPAs, Regional Seas Conventions and relevant regional organizations is recognized.
The Tangier Declaration includes 33 steps.

For more info, please go to where you can download the press release and the Tangier Declaration.

All presentations are now online!
Participants in the Forum also discussed numerous issues related to Mediterranean MPAs through plenary sessions, workshops and focus sessions… All presentations and session content were updated on the Forum’s website. Do not hesitate to consult them! The proceedings of the Forum are in preparation.

Spotlight on the 2016 MPA Status
In addition, the Forum was also the opportunity to share the main results of the 2016 Status of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean conducted by MedPAN and RAC / SPA. A brochure and a poster were published for the occasion. The full report will be available during the first quarter.


The 2016 Forum of Marine Protected Areas is co-organised by the network of Marine Protected Areas Managers in the Mediterranean (MedPAN), the Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (RAC / SPA), and the Moroccan Haut Commissariat aux Eaux et Forêts et à la Lutte Contre la Désertification, in partnership with many national and international organisations.

Marine Protected Areas are everyone’s business!


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