AdrIonPAN aims to become a structure for coordinating, guiding and promoting the system of Protected Marine and Coastal Areas in the Adriatic and Ionian seas, following the positive experiences of AdriaPAN and MedPAN.

The MPA Torre del Cerrano and the Department of Legal and Social Sciences of the University D’Annunzio, presented the activities carried out during the MPA NETWORKS project for the transition from AdriaPAN to AdrIonPAN, at the round table entitled “National Parks in the Adriatic Ionian Region as a driver of sustainable development”, organised by AII (Adriatic Ionian Initiative) on 29 March.

At the beginning of May 2021, the Torre del Cerrano MPA and the D’Annunzio University signed an agreement for the implementation of a specific activity envisaged by the Interreg Mediterranean project “MPA Networks”, in order to produce a study on the strategic and legal scenarios of the emerging AdrIonpan network.

During the round table, Prof. Paola Puoti, Prof. Ilaria Ottaviano and Dr. Ferdinando Franceschelli illustrated the methodology used to prepare, on the basis of the preliminary activities, the Report on strategic and legal scenarios in which 3 scenarios for the establishment of the AdrIonpan network are proposed, optimised with respect to the different levels of action (regional, subregional and national).

The report ended with the presentation of the draft cooperation agreement between the members of the AdrIonpan network, concerning a specific scenario, indicated as recommended among those identified by the University in the scenario analysis. The presentation aroused great interest. During the month of May 2022, a round table will be organised among the members of the AdriaPAN network, with the aim of discussing the proposed scenarios, the revision of the Cerrano charter and the communication aspects, for the nascent AdrIonpan network.

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