Within the MPA NETWORKS project, specific networking activities between MPAs are being organised. One of these foresees the birth of the AdrIonPAN website, the Network of the Protected Coastal and Marine Areas of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, is a bottom-up initiative that started from two Italian marine protected areas, Miramare and Torre del Cerrano, which constituted AdriaPAN. The new AdriaPAN website aims to give voice to an organisation that is an integral part of the wider MedPAN (the network of managers of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas in the Mediterranean Sea) and within this network represents and promotes the ecological, cultural and economic peculiarities that characterise the Adriatic and Ionian seas and coasts.

The main objective of the network is to initiate a technical process to support the managers and staff of the protected areas, providing services to improve their management efficiency. The network also aims to facilitate the sharing of energies and knowledge in order to promote common international and regional cooperation programmes on environmental protection, sustainable development, ecotourism and biodiversity conservation. A common web-based communication tool promotes the protected areas, their activities and conferences, seminars, meetings, initiatives, thus creating stable contacts within the network. The cross-border integration of the protected areas contributes significantly to their promotion, thus to their ability to be economically independent and efficient in terms of management.

The MPA NETWORKS project will contribute to the EUSAIR strategy (Pillar 3 – Topic 2) for the marine environment.

The Network partners will implement effective and already implemented actions to reduce threats to biodiversity. The MPA AdriaPan subregional network in the Adriatic Sea will progress towards AdrionPan, to include the Ionian Sea and increase cooperation in the region.– 
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