Regional Park Delta del Po Veneto (Venice-Ita)


MANAGEMENT Park authority Delta del Po
FOUNDING DECREE Regional Law 8 September 1997 n. 36 (B.U.R. 74/1997)
REGULATIONS Rules for the founding of regional park “Delta del Po”

INTERESTED CITIES Rosolina, Porto Viro, Ariano nel Polesine, Taglio di Po, Porto Tolle, Adria, Loreo, Corbola e
mappa delta po veneto
LOCATION The unique Po Delta area profile has been created over the centuries by river sedimentation and by man, reclaiming land and waters. In the area, nature, history, tradition, culture and art intertwine, offering visitors a new and amazing scenery. Various environments can be distinguished in the Delta, each one with unique characteristics: campaign with the riverbeds, fossil dunes, levees and wetlands, fishing ponds, lagoons and seats.
These landscape elements are visible coming from the east, going down the stream of the Po and then following this to delve into the Delta.
MONITORING THE CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL PARAMETERS Monitoring of waters affected by the oil spill in the river Lambro
MONITORING THE ECO-ETHOLOGICAL PARAMETERS Monitoring and study of the amphibians of the Regional Park “Delta del Po Veneto”, CLIMAPARKS project of monitoring wildlife passerines, Integrated Management of Wetlands
PROMOTION ACTIVITIES Program for cross-border cooperation Italy – Slovenia 2007 – 2013: SLOW TOURISM, 2Bparks, NATREG project, “Pesca Amica, più vicina a Te”, excursions and guided tours, environmental education, birdwatching
CONTACTS Ente Parco Regionale Veneto del Delta del Po
Address:Via Marconi, 6 Ariano nel Polesine Rovigo/Veneto 45012 Italia
Official website:
Phone: 0426 372202
Fax: 0426 373035

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