Objective sustainable financing : development of 3 new MPA business plans

RAC/SPA just published 3 business plans for the future MPAs of  Porto Palermo in Albania, Réghaia in Algeria and Cap des Trois Fourches in Morocco. These first financial plans aim to identify  financing needs to achieve the MPA objectives, as they are defined in the corresponding management plans for the next 10 years in order to identify potential and feasible financial mechanisms that could be used to cover these needs.

Financing plan for the MPA of Porto Palermo
Financing plan for the MPA of Réghaia (in French)
Financing plan for the MPA of Cap des Trois Fourches (in French)

These documents have been elaborated within the framework of the Regional Project for the Development of a Mediterranean Marine and Coastal Protected Areas (MPAs) Network through the boosting of Mediterranean MPAs Creation and Management (MedMPAnet Project).

The MedMPAnet Project is implemented in the framework of the UNEP/MAP-GEF MedPartnership, with the financial support of EC, AECID and FFEM.

The developement of these financing plans followed the method described in the GUIDE on the sustainable financing of Mediterranean MPAs published by MedPAN, RAC/SPA and WWF Mediterranean in 2015.

More resources on this theme can be found on MedPAN’s website

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