The MPA NETWORKS Project, presented in the framework of Interreg MED, is led by MEDPAN, the association of Mediterranean marine protected areas, and brings together the marine protected areas of Port-Cros (FR), Portofino, Torre del Cerrano and Torre Guaceto (IT), Brijuni (Croatia), Zante (Greece), Strunjan (Slovenia) and with the Non-Governmental Organisations INCA for Albania and Marilles Foundation for Spain.

Through the creation of a network of strong, active and connected Marine Protected Area (MPA) managers, the MPA NETWORKS project will contribute to strengthen the governance of the MPAs participating in the project in an effective and sustainable way, providing effective and sustainable solutions to the persistent challenges of the Mediterranean.

The project will strengthen the management of MPAs on key issues such as the management of small-scale fisheries, conservation of mobile species such as sea turtles and dolphins, and funding mechanisms. The collaborations that will be created within the project will allow an effective sharing of experiences, capacity building, knowledge capitalisation.

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