On 2-4 June 2014, at Pineto-Silvi (Abruzzo Region, Italy), the MPA Torre del Cerrano is organizing the next AdriaPAN meeting, the last one in the framework of the PANforAMaR project (Protected Areas Network for Adriatic and Ionian Macro Region) promoted by the Adriatic and Ionian Initiative (AII).

During the three days are planned several events, working groups discussions about the following topics:
a) Ecological networks – Establish an ecological network of MPAs in Adriatic and Ionian seas which is representative and connected.
b) Sustainable management – Achieve an effective, efficient and sustainable management and a good governance in Adriatic and Ionian MPAs
c)     Sharing benefit – Develop a territorially and sectorially integrated governance of Adriatic and Ionian MPAs while promoting the sharing of environmental and socio-economic benefits
d)    Financial resources – Increase the allocation of financial resources to establish and maintain an ecological network of effectively managed MPAs

The PROGRAM of the event is available HERE
Materials and Program HERE

REGISTRATION! (expire date 23th May 2014)

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In particular, on June 4th 2014, a specific session will be dedicated to the evaluation of the projects to be candidates to the next call for funding.
Download the
form, fill it in every part and send it to info@adriapan.org
The eligibility of the projects in the session will be directly supervised by AdriaPAN Secretariat.


Session 1: Ecological Network (University of Camerino)
Establishing an ecological network of Marine and Coastal PAs in the Adriatic and Ionian Seas which is representative and interconnected


Session 2: Sustainable Development (University of Teramo)
Achieving effective, efficient and sustainable management good governance in Protected Areas


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