Karaburun Sazan MPA ready for sustainable tourism activities

The project Sustainable Economic Activities in Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (SEA-Med) in Albania is in its third year of implementation, on Karabrun-Sazan Marine Protected Area.

The project aims to promote the MPA as a new touristic destination, raise awareness of the wider public, build capacities among the conservation community and establish and encourage nature based tourism activities in Karaburun-Sazan MPA.

During the last two summer seasons different promotional and visibility actions and campaigns have been launched by INCA in collaboration with other local actors. 

Recently, the project arranged a package of nature-base tourism activities and visibility tools (branded and attractive signposting and information panels) on the main land of Karaburun Peninsula and marine waters around it, that are ready for the 2016 summer season. Two educational paths are equipped with signposting and information panels along the Karaburun Peninsula. Information panels, lit during the night, are also placed in Vlora and Orikum City to inform about the MPA and different available touristic activities. An education snorkeling trial is installed in Shen Vasil Bay.

The touristic infrastructure is accompanied with the production of a tourist guide on Karaburun-Sazan MPA and Vlora City, promoting the diversified attractions of the area.

The visibility tools and the tourist guide in Karaburun-Sazan MPA can be used by tourists interested at exploring alternative nature-based activities during their holidays, or tourism operators that are looking for new sustainable offers.

Author: Marinela Mitro, INCA

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