Javni zavod Krajinski park Strunjan

Strunjan Landscape Park 

MANAGEMENT Public Institute Landscape Park Strunjan

INTERESTED CITIES  Strunjan, Izola, Piran

TOTAL AREA AND ZONING 4,3 km2 (1.060 acres)

LOCATION The Strunjan peninsula is an area known for its unique natural and cultural heritage. The Peninsula’s northern side is exceptional owing to its huge flysch cliff, geological phenomena, sub-Mediterranean vegetation and diverse marine species and habitat types. Its southern slopes, turned into arable terraces, gradually descend towards the Stjuža lagoon and Strunjan salt-pans, creatin a unique entitry of high cultural, aesthetic and natural values.

The unique interlasinc of different natural environments of the Stjuža lagoon and Strunjan salt-pans, from underwater meadows to tamarisk stands, is an important habitat of numerous plant and animal species, and also an example of successful cohabitation of natue and man.

The area of the Strunjan Landscape park is known for its slat-making, fishing and particularly agricultural tradition. Its inhabitants built their houses and outbuildings in sheterd places, used their valleys and sunward slopes for agricultural purposes and thus cocreated the characteristic and unique image od Strunjan cultural landscape.

CONTACTS  Pacug 10
6320 Portoroz

Marko Starman, Director. Tel: 08/2051881

Dejan Putrle, Tel: 08/2051882

Brina Knez, Tel: 08/2051880

Samanta Makovac, Tel:08/2051883

Fax: 05 6746980

E-mail: info@parkstrunjan.si

Web: www.parkstrunjan.si



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