Interreg MED second call for modular projects

The second call for Modular project proposals is open since 30th January 2017 12:00 (Paris Time). It will close on 31st March 2017 at 12:00 (Paris time). Please be aware that the call is restricted on different levels.

Firstly, only three types of modular projects are allowed. Secondly, each proposal has to be submitted to a single specific objective. In addition, specific conditions apply to each Specific Objective, namely the type of projects accepted in this call for proposals.

Below is a table summing up the types of projects allowed per specific objective. For more detailed information, we invite you to read the Terms of Reference regarding each Specific Objective and types of project on

Specific objectives            Types of projects
Specific objective 1.1       Testing projects (M2) Capitalising projects (M3) Integrated projects (M1) + (M2)+ (M3)
Specific objective 2.3        Integrated projects (M1) + (M2)+ (M3)
Specific objective 3.1        Capitalising projects (M3) Integrated projects (M1) + (M2)+ (M3)
Specific objective 3.2        Testing projects (M2) Capitalising projects (M3) Integrated projects (M1) + (M2)+ (M3)

For integrated projects, note that the application will be conducted in two phases.

Project proposals have to be submitted electronically using the online monitoring tool, SYNERGIE CTE.

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