International bat night in Plitvička Jezera National Park

Plitvička jezera National Park joins the celebration of the International Bat Night again this year. The aim of this manifestation is rising awareness about the importance of bats in nature, their vulnerability and the need for greater protection and conservation.

International Bat Night is celebrated for the 20th year in a row under the Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats (

The main reason to continue celebrating this event year after year is in the need to spread a word about greater protection and conservation of bats diversity and richness in Plitvička jezera National park. They are most certainly valuable on national and global level. Among the 45 recorded bat species in Europe, the area of Croatia is a habitat for 35 species. There are 22 recorded bat species present in Plitvička jezera National park, which represents 63% of total species in Croatia.

We are organizing this event together with the member of the Croatian Biospeleological Society (CBSS), biologist and head of the Monitoring of Bats project in Plitvička jezera National Park Marina Kipson.

During our manifestation, the people from local community and visitors will have great opportunity to learn more about the life and behaviour of these interesting and very useful mammals. With the education and spreading the knowledge about bats and their importance in maintaining the natural balance, we can contribute to their preservation.

As a part of the Program for International Bat Night, we have prepared many creative, educational and exciting activities, with few surprises.

It will be our pleasure to invite you to experience the Bat Night in unique environment of Plitvička jezera National park and be a part of this International campaign!

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