Important Landscape Dugi otok Island

Important Landscape Dugi otok Island (Zadar, Hrvatska)


MANAGEMENT Natura Jadera, Public Institution for Management of Nature Protected Areas in Zadar County- Zadar HVR

FOUNDING DECREE 1967, Natura 2000 site in 2013

INTERESTED CITIES Sali, Božava, Dragove, Soline, Brbinj, Luka, Polje, Verona, Savar, Veli Rat, Zaglav, and Žman

TOTAL AREA AND ZONING 21.46 Km2 in total

LOCATION This site in its entirety is a valuable landscape, due primarily to the characteristics of the coastline that forms a unique panorama of bays and inlets. The indentation of the coastline is also present under the sea surface, and forms numerous shallows and reefs that are home to rich biological communities. At the far northwestern end of the island, at Punti Bjanki, is a stone lighthouse and pine woods, while on the other side of the protected landscape is one of the loveliest coves, Saharun beach.

PROMOTION ACTIVITIES School in Nature, Green Islands, Una – Spring of Life

CONTACTS Address: Braće Vranjana 11, HR – 23000 ZADAR

Telephone: 023 254 322




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