Croatian MPA Sustainable Tourism Plans Adopted

Within the framework of the SEA-Med project, implemented by Sunce Association and WWF in Croatia, Sustainable Tourism Plans of Lastovo Islands Nature Parks and Telašćica Nature Park together with the contiguous island of Dugi Otok were adopted and promoted in early 2016. Islands are looked upon as sustainable tourism destinations, from the perspective of visitors, local community and nature conservation.

These plans are the first occasion where comprehensive participatory planning of sustainable tourism at the local level has been implemented. Throughout the project implementation, the engagement of and support from local communities to the park has increased, as they now see the MPA as the driving force for economic growth.

WWF and Association Sunce also finalized two studies: setting up a monitoring system for boats in Lastovo Islands and an exploratory study of financing mechanisms in Telašćica.


Author and photo credit: Zelka Rajkovic, WWF Mediterranean

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