AdriaPAN in the EU Maritime Strategy for Adriatic and Ionian Sea

Presented in Zagreb (Croatia) the official final document from the UE Commission

AdriaPAN is the only network, mentioned as a good practice, on the “EU Maritime Strategy for Adriatic and Ionian Seas” adopted from European Commission and officially presented to the EU Parliament and Council on November 30th, 2012 (Com 2012- 713 final). In the Second Pillar of the Strategy, “Healthier Marine Environment” regarding the conservation of biodiversity and against pollution of the sea, it has been written: «Concrete options to be considered could be exchanging best practices among managing authorities of Marine Protected Areas aiming to preserve biodiversity, building on the work of the Adriatic Protected Areas Network (AdriaPAN)».


The document has been presented during the High Level Stakeholder’s Conference, organized by UE Commission in Zagreb (Croatia) on December 6th, in order to set an “Agenda for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth from the Adriatic and Ionian Sea” in a vision of a future Adriatic-Ionian EU Macro-Region.

AdriaPAN has been involved on the activities set in Zagreb and the Director of Torre del Cerrano MPA, Fabio Vallarola, presented how the works are going on between MPAs managers during the “Tourism and Environment” Workgroup. The “Aichi Targets”, set under Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) that put as objective a 10% of protected sea in Mediterranean by 2020, and the “Antalya declaration”, adopted in Turkey just a week ago during the Mediterranean MPAs Forum organized by MedPAN that give the strategy in order to achieve such an objective, were the main topics of the speech.

It is very important that the concept of networks between MPAs has been integrated in a EU Maritime policy. Huge satisfaction has been expressed by all the AdriaPAN members, some of them present in Zagreb as well.

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